The CX65D 6 ton digger is part of the CASE Construction Equipment D-Series Mini Excavators. This mini excavator has an operating weight of 6520 kg and uses a KUBOTA V2607-CR-T - STAGE 5 engine that can power up to 60.2 hp. The CX65D is the largest mini excavator in the D-Series.

Weight with rubber tracks
6520 kg - Cab version
Digging Depth

3950 mm

Explore the Features

  • The CASE CX65D 6 tonne excavator cab version can be equipped with rubber or steel tracks and can deliver a digging depth of up to 4200 mm. It is a popular choice for busy urban and infrastructure sites with high traffic or sites with other equipment types present. The CX65D mini excavator, like other mini excavators in the D-series, has been designed to meet European customers’ needs. 
    To ensure agility and manoeuvrability at ease even in confined spaces, the CASE CX65D is a zero-tail swing model. We strive to innovate practical solutions with the end goal of increasing productivity. From this approach, stems high technology features such as electro-hydraulic controls, hydraulic flow settings, load-sensing electronic pumps, flow-sharing control valves, and up to 3 auxiliary circuits that can be paired with a vast variety of quick couplers and attachments, rendering the CX65D extremely versatile in its applications.
    With the 2-piece boom you can reach 30% higher and 10% further than with a standard Mono-boom, and you can dig closer to the machine.

    The CASE CX65D 6 ton digger is equipped with CASE SiteWatch and SiteConnect services, a range of after-sales services that support your experience with CASE Equipment. In order to be compliant with the progressively more stringent environmental requirements in various European countries and cities, the CASE CX65D 6 tonne digger is compatible with bio hydraulic oil and lubricants, which is in fact offered as the ex-factory option.
    Let’s learn all about the features and their benefits in further detail.

    • Superior Protection grid (FOPS Level 2)
    • Front Protection grid (Level 2)
    • Arm cylinder and bucket cylinder protection
    • Rubber pads for steel tracks
    • Geogrip tracks
    • Vast variety of attachments
    • Full range of Mechanical and Hydraulic quick couplers

Standard Equipment

  • Tiltable Cab (ROPS/TOPS - FOPS Level 1)
  • Automatic Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Automatic Courtesy light
  • DAB Radio, Bluetooth, USB, Memory card SD/SDHC, Aux-in
  • Electric socket on the roof for Rotating Beacon
  • Windshield washer
  • Rear-view mirrors (left, right, rear)
  • Fabric seat with Premium Mechanical suspension
  • Standard arm
  • Boom Lift cylinder and dozer blade cylinder protection
  • Additional counterweight - Light
  • Air Filter with drain valve and electric anti-clogging indicator
  • Hydraulic Reversable Fun Drive with automatic functionality
  • Electric fuel refill pump with auto-stop function
  • Servo-assisted hydraulic joysticks with Electro-Hydraulic proportional controls
  • Electro-Hydraulic proportional Swing control
  • Electro-Hydraulic proportional 2-Piece-Boom control
  • 1st Auxiliary (AUX1) circuit with Electro- Hydraulic proportional control
  • 2nd Auxiliary (AUX2) circuit with Electro- Hydraulic proportional control
  • Digital cluster with AUX1, AUX2 flow settings
  • Block valves on swing cylinder
  • Block valves on 2 piece boom positioner cylinders
  • Electric diverter between Single effect and Double effect AUX1
  • 2 speed travel with Automatic Shift Down (from 2nd to 1st gear if more traction is required) and Shift-up
  • Electronic Proportional RPM control with Auto-Idle
  • Rubber tracks
  • Standard Dozer Blade
  • Operator manual
  • Ignition key, which opens every machine lock
  • Standard LED working lights (boom, right-front hood and cab-front)
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Variable Volume Pump
  • Standard Hydraulic oil and Lubricants
  • CASE Sitewatch and SiteConnect

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