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Crawler Excavators


  • Operating Weight 80300 kg
  • Engine Power 532 hp / 397 kW


Designed with you in mind, the CASE CX800B not only delivers increased fuel efficiency and horsepower, but also provides a substantial increase in productivity.  Improved comfort features include a seat that accommodates operators of all sizes along with a built-in lumbar support that helps reduce operator fatigue. You can also enjoy increased visibility with 24 percent more front glass than earlier models.

The perfect equipment for:
  • Infrastructure
  • Urban
  • Recycling
  • Quarrying
Crawler Excavators - CX800B
Crawler Excavators - CX800B
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Main Features

Standard Equipment

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  • Hydraulically driven & reversible cooling fan
  • Electronic control of the injection system
  • Automatic engine pre-heating
  • Automatic/manual engine return to idle
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculator
  • Emergency stop
  • Electrical refuel pump with automatic stop
  • Fuel filter with water separator


  • Auto/Heavy/Super Power working modes
  • Pump torque variable control
  • Automatic Power boost control
  • Boom priority
  • Swing brake control
  • High performance “Super Fine” synthetic fiber hydraulic filter (High contamination catch)
  • 2 travel speeds with auto down shifting


  • High visibilty cab with safety glass
  • Adjustable and retractable armrest console with position memory
  • Safety lever
  • Self adjusting air conditioning and heating system
  • Cup holder
  • High visibility side monitor display with automatic brightness
  • Messages (function, temperature, safety, ...) on the display
  • Integrated diagnostic system
  • Working modes (Auto/Heavy/Super Power) combined with engine throttle
  • Anti-theft device
  • Hourmeter
  • Selectable auxiliary hydraulic flow pre-settings
  • RH front console with clock and cell phone holder
  • High capacity shock absorbers on cab with 4 points fluid mountings
  • Rain deflector
  • Windscreen with lockable opening
  • Windscreen washer and wiper
  • Removable lower front windscreen with storage location in cab
  • Glass cab roof window and sliding sun shade
  • ISO control pattern low effort & short joysticks
  • Adjustable sun visor
  • Washable cab floor mat
  • Rear view mirror and safety mirrors
  • Storage compartments
  • Integrated cool box
  • 12V and 24V DC accessory sockets
  • Hammer/Shear change selected from the cab
  • Fore & aft adjustment of the whole seat & console


  • Fully adjustable low frequency mechanical suspension seat including double acting hydraulic damper
  • Weight adjustment
  • Height / fore & aft adjustment
  • Adjustable head rest
  • Adjustable seat back angle with fully flat seat reclining
  • Adjustable arm rest
  • Safety belt


  • Water proof connectors
  • Double horn
  • 2 working lights on the cab
  • 1 working light on the uppercarriage
  • 2 working lights on the boom


  • Retractable Chassis
  • Sealed and long life lubricated tracks
  • Track guides


  • EMS (Extended Maintenance System) pins and bushings as Standard
  • 1000 hours lubrication interval for all, except buckets pins at 250 hours)
  • Low friction resin side shims on boom and dipper
  • Large tool box
  • Pre-disposal for the optional cab protection
  • Catwalks

Optional Equipment

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  • 8.40 m standard boom
  • 7.25 m mass excavation boom
  • 3.66 m or 4.44 m or 5.62 m dipperstick
  • 2.98 m mass excavation dipper
  • Counterweight removal device
  • Hydraulic safety valves on boom and dipper
  • Bucket/clamshell hydraulic circuit
  • Hammer hydraulic circuit
  • Hammer/shear hydraulic circuit
  • Full length track guide
  • Track width 650 mm - 750 mm - 900 mm (depending on the version)
  • Cab protection FOPS level 2
  • Choice of windscreen protections
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) by satelite
  • Centralized greasing system automatically actuated by an electrical grease pump


Type AH-6WG1XYSS-02
Emission levels Tier 3
Common rail, turbo, intercooler, fuel cooler, EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculator) Yes
Direct injection Electronically controlled
Number of cylinders 6
Bore - Stroke (mm) 147 x 154
Cubic capacity (cc) 15700
Max power (kW/hp) EEC80/1269 397/532
(@rpm) 1800
Maximum Torque (Nm) 2250
(@rpm) 1500
Max output (l/min) 2 x 500
(@ rpm) 1800
2 axial piston. variable flow pumps Yes
Attachment/Power Boost (bar) 314/343
Upperstructure swing (bar) 314
Travel (bar) 265
Oil filtration 6 micron
Type of oil filter Synthetic fiber super fine High catch
Max upperstructure swing speed (rpm) 6.4
Swing torque (kN-m) 266
Travel The travel circuit is equipped with axial piston, variable flow motors
Max travel speed (km/h) 4.2
Low travel speed (km/h) 2.9
Speed change is controlled from the instrument panel
Automatic downshifting Yes
Gradeability 70% (35)
Tractive (daN) 56500
Circuit (V) 24
Batteries (V - A/h) 2 x 12 - 92
Circuit equipped with water-proof connectors Yes
Alternator (V - Amp) 24 - 50
Upper rollers 3
Lower rollers 8
Number of track pads 51
Type of shoes Double grouser
Track pad with standard (mm) 650
Fuel tank LC (l) 900
Hydraulic reservoir LC (l) 310
Hydraulic system (l) 720
Travel reduction gear (per side) (l)   13.8
Swing reduction gear (l) 13.5
Engine (including fi lter change) (l) 52
Engine cooling system (l) 133


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