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CASE MSR excavators are ideal for the urban jobsite for their remarkably low external noise levels and ability to work in restricted conditions.The Intelligent Hydraulics System and innovative engines technology result in exceptional fuel economy. Outstanding controllability and lifting performance will allow you to move more material in a shorter time, boosting your productivity.

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Unique Tier 4 Final Technology!

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Unique Tier 4 Final Technology!

No DPF regeneration with DOC-only solution

Our midis meet Tier 4 Final regulations without the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This means no need for filter regeneration, no fuel used to burn particulate matter and no need to replace an expensive DPF. Emissions are miminised by cutting fuel consumption with an efficient common rail engine and an advanced variable control Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system. Then, a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) reduces the pollutants in the exhaust gas through a chemical reaction. The DOC does not need to be replaced; it lasts the whole machine’s lifecycle. This system is highly efficient and very simple.

Power is always available...

C-Series mid-size excavators feature a highly reliable 4-cylinder 56 hp Isuzu Motor engine. The turbo-charged system together with the intercooler ensure a prompt and powerful response to loads and contributes to generating more power out of every drop of fuel.

…and fuel is only used when needed!

The standard Auto-Idle system saves fuel and cuts emissions by automatically reducing engine speed (up to 1200 rpm) after 5 seconds of machine inactivity. If this continues for a certain period of time, the idle shut down function detects the continuous low idle condition and automatically stops the engine, further reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

Both auto-idle and idle shut down functions can easily be disactivated from the instrument cluster. The multi-stage injection of the electronic common rail engine ensures optimised combustion resulting in great fuel economy, less particulate emissions and lower noise.

Three different working modes (SP, H, Auto) add more fuel savings without comprimising on performance.

A AUTO MODE A-Mode is most appropriate for grading, lifting A AUTO MODE and precision work.
H HEAVY MODE H-Mode delivers the best balance between productivity and fuel economy.
SP SPEED PRIORITY MODE SP-Mode provides extra speed and power for the most demanding jobs that require maximum productivity.

Boom types for every need

The Offset boom: increases the working area without repositioning the machine. Comfortable side digging due to excellent view of the bucket or attachment at work. The minimum working distance allows for operations in very tight spaces.

The Mono boom: can work in only 2920 mm (1630 mm front swing + 1290 mm tail swing). The same mono boom design of larger excavators provides outstanding robustness and reliability.

The Swing boom: excellent maneuverability and maximum reach. The generous swing angles (left 80°; right 45°) combined with excellent visibility in every direction contribute to increased productivity.

Easy maintenance

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Ground level access

The hydraulic system, filters, engine and radiators can easily be reached from ground level, allowing intuitive, safe and fast maintenance operations. The whole layout of the machine has been optimised, prioritising simplicity of maintenance. The results are outstanding: a 40% improvement on the SAE serviceability index!

Convenient access from the cab

The A/C internal recirculation filter and the fuse box are now easily accessible from inside the cab.

Simplified diagnostics

The built-in monitor system includes a self diagnostic sytem that alerts the operator in case of clogged air, oil or hydraulic filters, and gives reminders of due maintenance, preventing damage to the machine.

Long service intervals

Low soot combustion system and no regeneration minimises oil degradation and ensures extended drain intervals.

More features

The standard full color monitor is conveniently located so that it is easy to read but has minimum impact on front and right side visibility. Every machine is equipped with the efficient automatic A/C, which creates a pleasant climate inside the cab with its 6-vent system combined with a high wind flow of 430 m³/s. The new A/C is not only 20% stronger than previous models, it is also quieter. The rear view camera is another feature which provides more safety on the jobsite and reduces operator fatigue.

Safety without com promises

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Improved visibility

The large cab with its huge glazed area provides outstanding visibility all round and on to the bucket or attachment allowing easier and safer operations. The left pillar has been removed and the glazed surfaces on the left side , on the front and on the right side have been dramatically increased.

Outstanding roominess

The models have the same cab as larger CASE excavators, which means plenty of room for legs, feet and arms, adjustment options for the seat and control levers, and features usually found on higher category machines. The joystick lever to travel lever clearance has been increased by 31%!

  • 11% more foot space
  • 7% wider cab

Improved safety

The cab of C-Series midis has been completely redesigned, meeting ROPS and FOPS Level II safety standards, and ensuring best-in-class operator protection.

Improved comfort and durability

The redesigned cab, is not only safer but also more comfortable and durable. Impacts and vibrations on the cab are effectively absorbed by the 4-point fluid mounting system, providing a pleasant ride and reducing noise levels inside the cab. The structure of the cab has now square section pillars, which contribute to its robustness and durability.

Work safely in tight spaces

The short tail and front swing radius design make C-Series mid size excavators the best solution to work efficiently in confined spaces. The compact design minimises disruption in urban and road jobsites, as well as the possibility of hitting something when swinging the upper structure of the machine. The smooth and round shape design of the new cab was studied for maximum reliability and functionality. CX75SR can work in a space of less than 3 meters wide!


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