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Climb in the cab and you’ll see CASE telescopic handlers feature a low boom design that provides exceptional stability and visibility. You will be more productive with our advanced single-joystick control. Plus, easy service access makes maintenance a snap. Put us to the test. CASE telescopic handlers are engineered for the toughest commercial and residential applications.

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TX Series Telehandlers
TX Series Telehandlers
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TX machines are incredibly agile, moving rapidly about the site thanks to a four-speed Powershift transmission and the easy to use three mode steering system. This combination of proven components ensures that there is no costly heat build-up in the transmission, even when travelling at high speeds on the road, where permitted. The use of fl ow sharing hydraulics, along with the Powershift transmission, ensures precision work can be accomplished with ease. The single servo lever that controls all hydraulic functions also has a transmission cut-out button, giving the operator total control of the machine without having to move a hand away from the servo or the steering wheel. This ensures maximum safe use on site and reduced operator effort, cutting operator fatigue and boosting productivity.


The TX telescopic handler range is powered by a 4.5 litre CASE turbo engine. All machines are equipped with a low emission Tier III climate friendly engine. Mounted on the side of the machine, the engine is easily accessible for all regular service and maintenance work, with filters and fill points all reached from ground level. Long service intervals and compatibility with the CASE electronic service tool (EST) ensure minimum downtime, increasing profitability and keeping your machines at work.


A proven Powershift transmission delivers four forward and three reverse speeds, with no heat build up despite high manoeuvring speeds. Working in combination with the fl ow sharing hydraulic system, the Powershift transmission offers precise control with high tractability, ideal for use on hard standing or in tough construction project conditions. Three mode steering, offering two wheel, four wheel and crab modes, ensures even the largest model in the range has compact and agile manoeuvring dimensions. Four wheel steering provides the smallest possible turning radius, while crab steer offers the perfect solution when working alongside structures or for backfi lling when working with a bucket.


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Robust boom construction with powerful hydraulic cylinders offers excellent range of working heights up to 17 m. Hydraulic frame levelling, along with audible and visual safe load indication ensures secure placing of loads at any height or reach. Design integrity. Maximum capacity.


Powershift transmissions handle high power delivery without heat build-up. Smooth gear shifting and three steering modes ensure that the operator can work in the toughest site conditions. Four wheel steering greatly reduces turning circle, while crab steer offers the perfect solution when working against obstacles. Outstanding manoeuvrability. Reliable components.


With standard pilot controls for all hydraulic functions the CASE TX telehandler is an easy machine to drive. Load sensing, flow sharing hydraulics, in combination with a smooth Powershift transmission, ensure independent movement of all hydraulic functions, with precision and accuracy. Low effort control lever reduces operator fatigue, ensuring high productivity and maximum safety throughout the working day. Smooth operation. Precision control.


CASE dealers offer a wide range of options, tyres and attachments to perfectly customise the machine to your individual requirements. Mechanical or hydraulic carriers can be specifi ed along with optional sideshift capability. Customers can choose a carrier compatible with CASE attachments or one designed to fit their existing buckets and work tools. Attachments include pallet forks, 4-in-1 buckets, crane booms, road sweepers, cement mixers and a range of personnel platforms, with or without radio control. Multiple use. Versatility built-in.


The TX range uses robust telescopic booms with inherent rigidity and strength to allow many hours of safe lifting. All models are equipped with safety valves on the lift, tilt and stabiliser cylinders, to prevent the boom dropping in the case of hose failure. Visual and audible warning devices signaling overload are incorporated in the upper right corner of all cabs. On TX130-45 and above models, a strict safety device automatically prevents any hazardous extension of the mast.This feature makes all models suitable for the use of man platforms.


There is a CASE TX telescopic handler for every task on the construction site. Customers can choose from 13 m, 14 m and 17 m working heights, with lifting capacities of 4.5 tons. Wide stabiliser legs are provided for maximum stability while lifting on the heavier models, giving CASE some of the highest lifting capacities in the market.


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From its initial conception the CASE telehandler cab has led the field in terms of ergonomics, visibilit and safety. Its curved top with wrap around glazing offers unparalleled visibility of the boom and the load. A glazed door, with opening window, provides easy access to the cab and the deep glass, low engine canopy and low boom pivot point ensure an excellent view all around the machine. This is a major contributing factor to increased site safety and prevents damage to the machine when manoeuvring in confi ned spaces. All instruments are placed in a low level console to further boost visibility to the front of the machine. Simple, single lever servo controls are easy to use and the operator has plenty of space in the ROPS/FOPS cab to remain comfortable throughout the day.


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CASE TX telescopic handlers offer impressive stability through a combination of a long wheelbase, low boom pivot point and optimised counterweight. Total stability. Maximum lift capacity.


Side-mounted engine with full length lift-up canopy ensures access for ground level servicing and regular maintenance. All filters and fill points easily accessible, for minimum downtime and maximum productivity. Main hydraulic valve mounted at the rear of the machine, can be reached through separate panel without having to move other components. Design integrity. Minimum downtime.


A fully load sensing hydraulic system, with fl ow sharing technology, allows independent use of all hydraulic functions. All major operations, such as lift and lower and forward reach, are controlled from a single servo lever, allowing the operator to keep one hand on the steering wheel when manoeuvring to a loading position. The flow sharing system ensures smooth lifting and reach and provides power when working with varied attachments. The main hydraulic valve is mounted at the rear of the machine and is fully accessible through a separate cover, without having to remove additional components, cutting diagnostic and maintenance time and boosting profitability.


The CASE dealers are the ones that know everything about CASE products.

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