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Wheeled Excavators


  • Operating Weight 19800 kg
  • Engine 158 hp / 118 kW


The perfect equipment for:
  • Infrastructure
  • Recycling
  • Urban
Wheeled Excavators - WX148/WX168/WX188
Wheeled Excavators - WX148/WX168/WX188
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Main Features

Standard Equipment

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  • Latest generation FPT Stage III / Tier 3 diesel engine
  • Direct injection with turbo charger and charge air cooling
  • Air filter with safety cartridge
  • Engine filters (oil, fuel and water separator) in remote position
  • Auto-idling system
  • Cold starting equipment (-25°C)
  • Pump management system by power limit control
  • Electrohydraulic servo control
  • 3-pumps hydraulic system with two service pumps and seperate swing pump
  • Auto Power Boost system
  • 8 selectable power stages with permanent Power Boost in lift stages
  • Automatic power increase in road travel mode
  • Automatic battery main switch (coupled to ignition key)
  • Electronic immobiliser (PIN code)
  • 12 V electrical auxiliary supply in cab
  • Swing hydrostatic braking
  • Automatic / permanent swing brake modes
  • Swing drive with low-wearing disc brake
  • CIS (CASE intelligent system) : Adjustable swing acceleration (power) and deceleration (brake)
  • Cab according ROPS ISO 12117-2: 2008
  • FOPS Level 2
  • Noise-insulated and viscous mounted cab
  • Tinted safety glazing all around, full up and over windscreen
  • Sun blinds, large roof window, transparent rain protection
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Rear View Camera with dedicated screen
  • Radio with Bluetooth
  • Control panel with LCD monitor integrating error diagnosis function and analogical gauges for engine cooling temperature and fuel level
  • Ergonomic design of arm rests and foot pedals
  • Air suspension seat individually adjustable for height and incline
  • Consoles adjustable for height and length
  • Forward/Reverse shifting on right joystick
  • Centralised and independent control of blade and stabilizers on right joystick
  • 2 front headlights (cab mounted)
  • Road travel lights (front and rear)
  • Robust, shiled arc-welded, modular chassis in box section design
  • Power Shift gear box with manual / automatic gear shifting
  • Heavy duty axles with brakes for play-free work
  • Hydrostatic travel braking
  • Creeper speed
  • Large toolbox under the step (right side)
  • Encased ball bearing slew ring with long-life lubrication
  • Manual / automatic axle locking system
  • Electric diesel fi lling system
  • Safety valves on boom cylinders
  • Cylinders with end-stroke damping system
  • Long interval greasing bushings (500 hours)
  • Centralized greasing nipples on uppeframe and boom
  • 2 working lights on boom

Optional Equipment

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  • Hydraulic circuit for hammer / shears
  • Hydraulic circuit for grab rotation 22 l/min - ON/OFF control
  • Hydraulic circuit for grab rotation 80 l/min - PROPORTIONAL Control
  • Quick coupler provision on upperframe
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil (Panolin)
  • Front Guard Protective system FGPS
  • 20 km/h speed
  • 35 km/h speed
  • Single or twin tyres
  • Dozer blade with parallel guidance
  • Heavy duty stabilizers with cylinder protection guards
  • Transport holder for clamshell grab
  • Blade cylinders protection guard
  • One piece boom, triple articulation (2 piece boom)
  • Arms:
    WX188: 2.20 - 2.60 - 3.10 m
    WX218: 2.10 - 2.40 - 2.94 m
  • Object handling kit with safety valve on arm cylinder, overloading warning device and load hook or load eye.


Net flywheel power (ISO 14396/ECE R120) 118 kW / 158 hp
Rated 2000 rpm
Make and model F4GE9684E J607
Type Water-cooled, direct injection type diesel engine with intercooler turbo-charger
Displacement 6.7 l
Number of cylinders 6
Bore x stroke 104 x 132 mm
Maximum torque at 1200 rpm 670 Nm
Voltage 24 V
Batteries 2 x 12 V
Battery rating (each) 100 Ah
Alternator 70 A
Starter motor 4 kW
Max Road travel speed 20 km/h, 35 km/h
Max Field travel speed 5 km/h, 8 km/h
Creep speed 2.5 km/h
Maximum drawbar pull (field) 115 kN
Power Shift multi-disc gearbox shiftable under load.
Automatic or manual gear shift control.
Travel mode automatically engaged by pressing accelerator pedal.
2 x Primary pumps 3 variable displacement, axial piston
Total maximum flow 389 l/min (2 x 144 + 101)
Auxiliary low flow, optional (on/off) 22 l/min
Auxiliary medium flow, optional (proportional) 80 l/min
Implement /travel pressure 340/370 bar
Power Boost 370 bar
Swing circuit pressure 360/390 bar
Pilot pump 45 bar
Boom cylinder mono 115 x 1170 mm
Boom cylinder 2-piece boom 115 x 1020 mm
Arm cylinder 125 x 1290 mm
Bucket cylinder 105 x 1025 mm
Positioning cylinder 155 x 745 mm
Cylinder end stroke damping.
Electrohydraulic servo-control.
Three-pump hydraulics with two main pumps and separate swing pump
8 selectable power stages with permanent Power Boost in lift stages Low idle, Lift 1, Lift 2, Eco 1, Eco 2,
Eco 3, Heavy, Roadtravel
Adjustable swing acceleration (power) and deceleration (brake).
Automatic power increase in the drive mode.
Swing speed 9 rpm
Swing torque (SAE J1371) 53 kNm
The swing function is operated by a hydraulic closed circuit coupled with a mechanical reducer integrating an automatic static brake.
The hydro-static swing brake is adjustable in 3 settings.
Service brakes play free, oil bath multi disc type integrated in all four wheel hubs.
Work brake acts on service brakes and locks front axle oscillation.
Parking brake spring type mechanical acting on the transmission.
Emergency brake double braking circuit and automatic
parking and brake actuation with the engine shut down.
Type ORBITROL with safety valve
Pump gear type
Steering cylinder double effect, integrated in axle
Twin tyres 10.00-20/80-22.5
Single tyres 18R 19.5, 600/40-22.5
Tyre availability can be limited by local homologation.
Engine oil 15 l
Cooling system 22 l
Fuel tank 274 l
Hydraulic system (incl. tank) 235 l for mono, 250 l for triple articulation


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