CASE ProCare


3-year/3,000-hr full machine




5-year advanced subscription



What is ProCare and what does it consist of?

ProCare is our unique and comprehensive support package exclusively for new CASE wheel loader, excavator, dozer and motor grader models. It consists of an Advanced SiteWatch Subscription*, a 3-year/3,000-hour full-machine Factory Warranty and 3-year/2,000-hour Planned Maintenance. (*SiteWatch Subscription term varies. See your dealer for details.)

How can you benefit from CASE ProCare?

You’ll receive the highest level of support in the industry, increased uptime, lower costs, lower risk, improved life cycle costs and a closer partnership with your CASE dealer.
Is there a price associated with ProCare?
No. ProCare is standard on new CASE wheel loader, excavator, dozer and motor grader models.

How does CASE ProCare compare to competitive offerings?

CASE ProCare remains as the industry's leading most comprehensive and standard-from-the-factory heavy machine product support offering, combining the three most valuable product assurances: factory warranty, planned maintenance, and telematics equipment monitoring. The competition has tried to replicate it, but in the end their options only cost you money.
Is ProCare the same as a planned maintenance contract?
No. ProCare is the total support solution that includes 3-year/2,000-hour Planned Maintenance.
Can a customer buy ProCare for existing machines?
No. ProCare is an exclusive offer on new CASE heavy equipment.
Which CASE machines get CASE ProCare?
CASE ProCare comes standard on new CASE wheel loader, excavator, dozer and motor grader models. See your dealer for availability.
Can I extend ProCare coverage for my new CASE heavy machines?
No, but you can extend any of the three components of coverage in these three ways: 1. Purchase additional machine protection coverage. 2. Purchase an additional planned maintenance contract for up to 10,000 hours. 3. Purchase longer SiteWatch telematics subscriptions Upgrades are available for as long as 60 months.
How will CASE ProCare warranty be covered?
The 3 years/3,000 hours is a standard warranty provided by CASE to commercial customers. Any warranty claims will be handled by your dealer in the normal claims process.

Are there additional aftermarket support programs that complement ProCare?

Yes. They include Fluid Sampling, Reman components, SmartFit ground engaging tools, and Gold Value Parts, to name a few.
Is CASE ProCare transferable?
Yes, the servicing dealer is expected to update the unit in CNH E-Warranty or ESS within 30 days of any change in unit ownership.
How do I know what maintenance is covered by ProCare planned maintenance?
CASE ProCare Planned Maintenance covers all primary maintenance intervals on the applicable equipment (CASE full size wheel loaders, excavators, motor graders and crawler dozers). Your supporting CASE dealer can provide you full details of what service intervals and items are covered. They can also show you the specific value of this 3-year/2,000-hour planned maintenance solution which comes standard with the equipment purchase. Additionally, all maintenance is completed with factory trained technicians using genuine and engineering approved CASE fluids and components, providing you assurance the machine will continue to operate at peak performance levels.