G-Series Evolution  Wheel Loaders


G-Series Evolution Wheel Loaders

Tipping Load

from 6340 to 20570 kg

G-Series Evolution Wheel Loaders

The new evolution loading shovel G-series by CASE Construction Equipment are designed to do the three simple yet most crucial things that are expected from a wheel loader:

  • More productivity
  • More reliability
  • More profitability

Launched in 2017, the CASE G-Series front loaders have earned a reputation in the market for excellent performance in terms of productivity, comfort, fuel consumption and low operating costs. However, it’s in CASE’s DNA to always seek more and that has led to the G-series evolution wheel loaders.

Hear why customers trust CASE

Jean-Michel ARNOIS, France - 921G

Jean-Michel ARNOIS, France - 921G

French customer Jean-Michel Arnois discusses the CASE 921G Evolution wheel loader. The agricultural and public works company owner was particularly impressed with the 921G's loading capacity, its tractive ability and its overall performance. He also noted the comfort and ease of use of the operator's cab, stating: "It is a very good machine."

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