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Full-Size Excavators


  • Operating Weight 56,900 lb | 25 800 kg
  • Engine Power 160 hp | 119.3 kW


The CX245D SR features a minimum-swing-radius design and a modified boom placement that minimizes the machine’s footprint while still delivering trademark CASE D Series power, precision, responsiveness and performance. A powerful and versatile utility performer, the CX245D SR lets you shut down fewer lanes and work up against structures without sacrificing any performance. It’s a highly productive and maneuverable excavator that’s ideal for restricted conditions, such as road and bridge work, residential projects and urban construction. It is protected by CASE ProCare — giving you peace of mind to invest in your business knowing that CASE and your local CASE dealer supports you with preventive maintenance, SiteWatch telematics and more. This model is also now available with OEM-Fit 2D and 3D machine control solutions from your CASE SiteControl certified dealer.

CX245D SR Specifications
CX245D SR Specifications
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CX245D SR DB Specifications
CX245D SR DB Specifications
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CASE Excavators
CASE Excavators
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Machine Control Solutions - Excavators
Machine Control Solutions - Excavators
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Full Line Brochure
Full Line Brochure
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Faster cycle times are achieved with the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System, which provides faster and more efficient path of hydraulic flow. The D Series also offers 3 Power Modes to match different application needs and maximize fuel economy:

  • Automatic (A): The best balance between productivity and fuel efficiency
  • Heavy Duty (HD): High workload mode
  • Speed Priority (SP): Extra speed and power for the most demanding jobs that require maximum productivity


The CASE CX245D SR excavator meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards through an innovative combination of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) technologies, helping to maximize uptime and performance. No expensive Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to replace and no DPF regeneration. These technologies, combined with the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System, make the CX245D SR the most powerful and efficient minimum swing radius excavator CASE has ever introduced.


The CX245D SR also features the most spacious cab in its size class, providing excellent visibility and a pressurized and iso-mounted cab that keeps noise and vibration down. A standard Bluetooth radio gives operators hands-free functionality that further improves the operator experience. A standard rearview camera and side camera feed a 7-inch widescreen monitor that also provides operators with real-time access to important performance parameters, including fuel consumption, operating hours and machine information. The optional CASE Max View Monitor provides 270o visibility, providing the operator full visibility of machine’s surroundings.


CASE understands the importance of uptime and machine utilization. Part of CASE’s DNA is providing easy access for operator and service technicians to complete their daily walkarounds and routine service inspections. D Series excavators are no exception. Hydraulic oil site gauges, DEF level sight gauge, grouped service points, and auto-locking side panels that stay open make it easy to perform routine maintenance. Standard oil sample ports allow service technicians to easily take samples and check the quality of the hydraulic oil and the engine oil. Extra-large DEF tanks provide a Refill frequency of 4-5 times to 1 fuel fill. Additional handrails make it easier and safer for operators and service techs to access all areas of the machine to complete their daily walkarounds and service checks, and get the machine back into production.

OEM-Fit Machine Control

The CASE CX245D SR is now available with optional OEM-Fit 2D and 3D machine control excavation solutions. This takes the guesswork out of matching machine and solution, and guarantees that each system is installed and tested by certified CASE precision specialists. It also simplifies the acquisition process and allows for precision excavation technology to be grouped in with the purchase of the machine — combining the financing approval, rate and payment. OEM-fit machine control solutions also increase the residual/resale value of each excavator, confirming to future buyers that the system is designed and proven to work with the CX245D SR. See it in action by clicking here.


Standard Equipment

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  • Isuzu four-cylinder turbo-charged diesel
  • Tier 4 Certified – Turbocharged, air cooled intercooler and SCR system
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • High pressure common rail system
  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst – DOC
  • Neutral safety start
  • Auto-engine warm up
  • Glow-plug pre-heat
  • EPF – Engine Protection Feature
  • Dual-stage fuel filtration
  • Dual element air filter
  • Remote oil filter
  • Green plug oil drain
  • 500-hour engine oil change interval
  • 24-volt system
  • Requires CJ-4 engine oil
  • Requires ultra low-sulfur fuel


  • Engine Idle/Fuel Economy System:
    • Auto-idle
    • One-touch idle
    • Idle shut-down
  • BEC – Boom Economy Control
  • AEC – Auto Economy Control
  • SWC – Swing Relief Control
  • SSC – Spool Stroke Control


  • 13,492 BTU/hr Air-conditioner
  • 12,892 BTU/hr Heater
  • 12 Volt Electrical outlet
  • 10 watt Cab interior light
  • Rear view camera
  • Air-suspension seat


  • Auto power boost
  • Auto swing priority
  • Auto travel speed change
  • Selectable work modes
  • ISO pattern controls
  • Pre-set auxiliary pump settings
  • Auxiliary valve
  • Auxiliary pipe brackets
  • Control pattern selector
  • 5,000-hour hydraulic oil change interval
  • 1,000-hour hydraulic filter change interval
  • SAHR brake


  • Right and left side mirrors
  • Isolation mounted cab – fluid and spring
  • Common key vandal locks
  • Upper mounted work light – 70 watt
  • Swivel guard belly pan


  • 31.5 in (800 mm) steel shoes, triple semigrouser
  • Full overlap turntable bearing tub
  • Single track chain guides
  • Hydraulic track adjustment
  • X-pattern carbody


  • Boom – 18 ft 8 in (5.70 m)
  • Arm – 9 ft 8 in (2.94 m)
  • Heavy-duty bucket linkage
  • Boom mounted work light – 70 watt
  • Auxiliary pipe brackets
  • Centralized grease fittings
  • Attachment cushion valve
  • Arm and boom regeneration


  • CASE SiteWatch™ Telematics – includes hardware and a 3-yr Advanced data subscription

Optional Equipment

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  • FOPS cab top guard – Level 2
  • Front grill guard – 2 x 2 screen mesh
  • Front rock guard:
  • Vertical bars – two piece/OPG 1
  • Front rock guard:
  • Vertical bars – fixed/one piece/OPG 2
  • Vandal guard
  • Rain deflector
  • Sun visor
  • Side-view camera


  • Auxiliary hydraulics:
    • Single acting/joystick activated
    • Double acting/joystick activated
    • Multi-function/joystick activated
    • Secondary low-flow/joystick activated


  • 23.6 in (600 mm) rubber shoes
  • 23.6 in (600 mm) steel shoes, triple semigrouser
  • 27.6 in (700 mm) steel shoes, triple semigrouser


  • Arm – 7 ft 10 in (2.40 m)
  • Coupler/Case multi-pin grabber
  • Buckets:
    • Heavy-duty
    • Extreme-duty
    • Load holding control
    • Free swing – order kit through Service Parts
    • Hose Burst Check Valve – HBCV


  • Leica iCON iXE2 – 2D System
  • Leica iCON iXE3 – 3D System


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Base & Extended Warranty Coverage

CASE ProCare applicable on select new heavy machine orders.

See your CASE dealer for model availability and timing.


CASE dealers provide world-class equipment and aftermarket support, industry-leading warranties and flexible financing.

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