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Five Reasons for Younger Generations to Work in the Construction Industry

ACI Construction in Logan, Utah, is home to Bronson Twitchell, who has followed his own path into his family’s construction business.

Bronson and his two brothers have re-branded their father’s business and have been managing ACI Construction for three years.

“I’ve always been fascinated with heavy equipment. It’s like a big sandbox on the job site,” says Twitchell.

For many, the plan to go to college, graduate and receive a degree sounds all too familiar. For Twitchell and his family, the construction industry is a way of life. Construction is a profession that brings fun, friends and lifelong skills needed to build the future.

  1. Making Talented Friends
    “I think [it’s the] peers you meet. In the construction world, you have so many different people doing many things. If you don’t have all those people in all the different fields, you can’t accomplish anything.”

  2. Lifelong Skills
    After work, Twitchell heads home and is able to use the skills and techniques he’s learned on his own home projects. “There’s a lot of lifelong talent. I’m able to use my techniques of learning how to grade, doing a driveway at home or building a shop behind the house.”

  3. Continued Education
    After high school, Twitchell jumped into the construction industry and didn’t attend college. He says there are practical math skills you need in the industry that don’t always come from a textbook. “You’ve got to know what tenths and sub grades are,” says Twitchell. “You’ve got to learn that you need so much road base to be able to finish this size subdivision.”

  4. Protecting the Future
    “To me personally, I think in the next 20 years, maybe even sooner, there’s not going to be good construction help out there. If there’s no one to do it, how are we supposed to build new cities and houses?” The construction industry will always be a profession that’s needed. By getting into the industry, you are building the future, quite literally.

  5. It’s Fun
    “You can’t have fun like this sitting behind a desk,” says Twitchell. “It's something new every day. You don't know about the rocks you're going to hit. You don't know about the good days or the bad days you're going to have. You got to get out and enjoy the heavy equipment. Move mountains and just love life.”

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