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CASE Previews New Technology Enhancements for G Series Wheel Loaders

New integrated touchscreen display and operator interface includes onboard payload system, new electro-hydraulic controls, new control customizations and enhanced telematics with remote diagnostics.

CASE Construction Equipment previewed all new enhancements at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 to its G Series wheel loaders that feature increased technology to improve production and the overall operating experience. These latest enhancements (standard or optionally fit based on feature) are anchored by a large touchscreen display that serves as the command center for the new integrated onboard payload system, control customizations, improved telematics and streamlined operating parameters.

“Wheel loaders are well-suited to incremental improvements in technology and operation that achieve considerable cost savings and productivity gains,” says Andrew Dargatz, product marketing manager, CASE. “The technology advances incorporated into G Series wheel loaders through the new operator interface simplify operation, streamline equipment reporting and maintenance activities, and give each operator more tools to improve overall performance and efficiency.”

New Touchscreen Puts Total Machine Control at the Operator’s Fingertips

The CASE G Series enhancements feature an all-new touchscreen display that provides tablet-like performance for accessing all critical machine settings and operational data. This includes three new color-coded arm-rest buttons that allow the operator to automatically toggle between customizable functions and displays without having to take their hands away from the controls. These buttons can be pre-set for critical functions/displays such as the payload screen, rearview camera, differential lock or declutch, and strobe activation.

Payload System Improves Loading Accuracy/Record Keeping

The all-new payload system is integrated directly into the loader’s primary display and provides bucket weight, pass counts, accumulated/running weight, job tracking data and more for high-volume loading and production environments. This allows operators to precisely load each truck to reduce under/overload situations by accurately weighing each bucket, and cumulatively track the total weight of material loaded into each truck. It also helps operators track total loads and total volume of material moved over a period of time, and can also track history by customer, truck or material, as well as provide ticket histories.

“The onboard payload system drives efficiencies in loading cycles, and reduces situations where trucks have to dump material because they are overweight, or drive to a site underloaded because the operator was light with each bucket,” says Dargatz. “It also provides a perspective into the operation of the loader to evaluate operator performance, as well as into cycle information that could help make future decisions on bucket and machine sizing for an application.”

The three configurable armrest buttons can be specifically set to manage common payload operations such as zero/tare, close/start a ticket, print last ticket, or to call up lists for customers, materials and trucks.

New Electro-Hydraulic Control Enhancements

CASE G Series wheel loaders will now feature electro-hydraulic control enhancements that allow the operator to independently set lift (boom) and tilt (bucket) speed to match operator preference and loading situations. Each function can be independently set to smooth, moderate or aggressive within the new touchscreen monitor.

Parallel Lift for Z-bar and XR Loader Linkages

Operators can also take advantage of new parallel lift functionality that assists in material retention and smooth loading by automatically maintaining the angle and position of the bucket or forks. Ride control is immediately active in this mode to further minimize jolting or boom movement. Operators no longer need to choose between a loader with z-bar linkage for greater breakout force or a tool-carrier for parallel lift — these enhancements provide operators the parallel lift functionality in all of its Z-bar and extended reach (XR) model configurations.

Ensuring Uptime Through Enhanced Telematics and Dealer/OEM Support

All G Series wheel loaders are protected by CASE ProCare, which comes standard with a 3-year Advanced SiteWatch telematics subscription. The new technology package further enhances that with a new 4G modem that significantly increases reporting parameters and allows for two-way remote service and diagnostic capabilities. The 4G modem achieves greater processing power and an almost-real-time reporting of operational parameters to give fleet managers and owners a more complete perspective into current and historical machine performance.

These wheel loader technology enhancements will further benefit from the launch of the new CASE North American Uptime Center — a remote monitoring control center where customers who opt in can have their equipment monitored in real time by CASE service technicians. The goal of the Uptime Center is to connect CASE, its dealers and customers with meaningful and actionable operating data — and G Series wheel loaders with the new 4G modem and other tech advancements/improvements will be one of the first CASE product lines to benefit from this capability.

“In the best-case scenario, the remote service personnel will be able to patch into the machine, clear the code and get the machine up and running without ever requiring a service tech to visit the site,” concludes Dargatz. “In other cases, the remote service tech will be able to identify the resources needed to make a repair without having to visit the site first, potentially saving trips and helping the customer to get up and running much quicker. That is the ultimate goal of the G Series wheel loader enhancements — provide operators with more productive uptime, and to perform their work more efficiently.”

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