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Improve Your Comfort on the Job

Consider these simple upgrades to enhance your in-cab comfort

You spend countless hours in the cab of your equipment navigating job sites. It is important to ensure your cab is a comfortable place and your equipment accessories enhance your ability to operate safely. CASE Construction Equipment offers simple solutions to maximize your comfort both inside the cab and out.

Access to your tech made easy

On jobsites today, blueprints and project plans are all online, meaning you need to have easy access to your technology in the cab without causing distraction or compromising safety. Rather than fishing your phone out of your pocket to check the screen or worrying about your tablet sliding around with every bump of your tracks and tires, stabilize your tech by utilizing RAM® Mount products. These mounts provide a secure yet flexible docking station for your phone or tablet. RAM Mounts allow easier access to your navigation, communication and planning systems without forcing your attention away from the job.

Speakers that cut through the noise

When you’re listening to your favorite music or podcasts in your equipment, it’s essential you can hear your devices and speakers over the sound of your equipment’s engine. To elevate your in-cab audio experience, consider upgrading your speakers to a Bluetooth® system like a four-channel Bluetooth amplifier from your CASE dealer. By implementing Bluetooth, you can connect your phone or tablet and listen anytime, anywhere. For an audio experience that’s clear and convenient, universal mount two-way speakers are easy to install, waterproof and can be easily mounted in your cab for quick access.

Visibility where you need it

In the early morning hours and long into the evening, you rely on quality lighting on your equipment, not only to keep your job on schedule but to ensure visibility for all. By upgrading to LED lights, you can improve visibility from the cab and ensure you don’t miss a beat—even in the dark.

Even the most seasoned operator can’t see everything from the cab, but with the help of observation monitors, you can increase your field of vision. Observation monitors from your CASE dealer allow connection to multiple cameras at once with integrated speakers that let you hear exactly what’s happening outside your cab.

Riding in comfort

Hours spent in the seat of your cab provide plenty of opportunity for sore muscles and achy joints. While you can’t avoid sitting for long periods of time on-site, you can upgrade your seat with a new comfortable, ergonomic and high-quality seat from your CASE dealer so your ride is smooth and comfortable over any terrain.

When riding in your upgraded seat, you want the temperature in your cab to keep you comfortable in all kinds of weather. Through freezing cold winters and scorching hot summers, the temperature inside your cab should be set exactly where you want it regardless of the weather outside. Consider upgrading your in-cab temperature control system with air conditioning and heating installed by your CASE dealer to ensure your comfort is just right.

For any upgrades to the comfort and safety of your CASE cab, trust the experts at your local CASE dealer. They’re the only ones whose parts and service are tailored specifically to the needs of your equipment.


CASE dealers provide world-class equipment and aftermarket support, industry-leading warranties and flexible financing.

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