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State-of-the-Art Technology in the Construction Industry: Survey Results Available Now

CASE Construction Equipment partnered with Construction Equipment/Scranton Gillette Communications/SGC Horizon Research Services to present a comprehensive analysis of technology in construction to industry professionals.

The result of this research project—Survey of State-of-the-Art Technology in the Construction Industry—is now available for download.

The survey results were shared for the first time as part of CASE Construction Equipment’s “What’s Now” Speaker Series at CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2017. Rod Sutton, editorial director, Construction Equipment, discussed the results of the survey in a presentation that explored industry adoption and attitudes towards emerging technologies and the practical ways in which today’s contractors are employing the technology in the field.

The survey results were also published in the latest edition of Construction Equipment.

Purpose & Methodology
With constantly changing operating and labor costs, rising equipment and materials costs, shrinking budgets and more, the challenges of the construction industry continue to evolve. The purpose of this project was to learn more about the adoption and usage trends for state-of-the-art management tools that are being introduced into the market that streamline project management, help to compete for projects, and help today’s construction business owners stay within budget and improve margins.

The survey itself began in September 2016 and was conducted over the final quarter of the year. A questionnaire was sent to subscribers of Construction Equipment with fleet replacement values of $5 million or more, along with contractors from the subscriber list of Roads & Bridges, building contractors from Building Design & Construction, and those involved in water infrastructure construction from the subscriber lists of Water and Wastes Digest, Storm Water Solutions, and Water Quality Products.

The results of the survey provided several key insights across five categories: Equipment Fleets and the Use of Telematics, Organizational Use of Emerging Technology, Site/Project Management, Organizational Technology Oversight and Demographics.

Noteworthy findings of the analysis include:

  • Sixty-one percent of respondents indicate that their equipment fleets have telematics capabilities.
  • About one-third of respondents say they collect telematics data, and an additional 32 percent report having their dealers monitor data for them.
  • 8 percent of responders indicated that they use virtual reality for planning equipment applications and operations, project modeling, progress and monitoring of the jobsite, inspection and maintenance and safety training.
  • Nearly 63 percent of respondents say they use mobile apps as a management tool.
  • Nearly 22 percent of responders say they use UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) for site inspections, surveying and mapping, and site security.
  • Over 45 percent of the responders said that their company has implemented technology to facilitate data communications in site/project management.

To view the complete results of the study, download it here or visit

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