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  • Weight 12.5 t
  • Power 115 kW / 156 hp


The perfect equipment for:
  • Infrastructure
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Main Features

Standard Equipment

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  • Battery main switch
  • Cab equipped with two fully swinging doors for both side access, tinted safety glasses, front and rear sunshield
  • Caliper disc parking brake operating on transmission
  • NEF Tier 4 Final engine with electronic management and “DualPower”
  • SCR only exaust gas aftertreatment
  • Cold start
  • Control levers for precise and simultaneous moldboard operations
  • Front counterweight
  • Front & rear fenders
  • Front wheel spindle steering with adjustable steering column
  • Heating system
  • High grade steel moldboard with hardened rounded guides
  • Hydraulic & dual-circuit accumulator brake system operating on tandem wheels
  • Hydraulically adjustable for 90° bank slope
  • Hydrostatic front-wheel drive with E.D.C.V. Electronic Drive*
  • Control Volume & hydraulic differential*
  • Internal gearing, sealed, backlash-free & self-adjusting slewing ring operating on 360°
  • “Load Sensing” hydraulic system with variable displacement pump
  • Moldboard cutting angle hydraulically adjustable
  • Oscillating front axle with hydraulic lean adjustement
  • Oscillating tandem axle with automatic no-spin differential
  • Powershift transmission with 6 forward & 3 reverse speeds, with integrated torque converter
  • Rear counterweight
  • Road traffic lights
  • Rops/Fops suspened cab, mounted on rear frame
  • Standard cab
  • Heated and Air Suspended seat
  • Creep mode “AWD” version only

* Only on 836C AWD & 856C AWD

Optional Equipment

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  • Air conditioning
  • Back-up alarm
  • Biological hydraulic oil
  • Floating valve for moldboard
  • Front lights on cab
  • Fuel refiling pump (50 l/min)
  • Left & right molboard side plates
  • Low profile cab
  • Overload clutch on moldboard
  • Parallel front blade
  • Rear lights on cab
  • 3 or 5 teeth rear ripper
  • 3 or 5 teeth rear ripper with protection device
  • Scarifier on moldboard
  • Right moldboard extension
  • Rotating beacon
  • Tow coupling
  • CASE “SiteWatch”
  • Rear view Camera with 7” monitor
  • Blade control predisposition (Leica, Topcon, Trimble)
  • Front counterweight for 836C and 836C AWD (510 kg)
  • Front counteweight for 856C and 856C AWD (763 kg)
  • Tool box


Maximum Power (ISO 14396/ECE R120)
From 1st to 3rd gear 102 kW/138 hp
From 4th to 6th gear 115 kW/156 hp
Governed 2100 rpm
Make & model NEF 6 cyl. CR TAA 4V
Aftertreatment system SCR only
Donaldson air filter with dust ejector std
Type diesel, common rail, dual power, turbocherged and intercooler
Displacement 6.7 l
Number of cylinders 6
Bore & stroke 104x132 mm
Maximum torque at 1400 rpm 725 Nm
Remote engine oil fi lter for easy replacement
- 25°C outside temperature start as standard equipment
The engine complies with 97/68/EC standards TIER 4 Final
Single-stage torque converter integrated into shift gearbox
Automatic matching of output torque to changing travel conditions
Converter ratio 1.87: 1
Cooling by heat exchanger
Type Full powershift transmission with 6 forward and 3 reverse gears. Electric single-lever shift with reverse-lock in ranges 3-6.
Tractive effort (adeherence coefficient 0.8) 66 kN
Oscillating axle with wheel spindle steering and hydraulic wheel lean adjustment
 Axle oscillation ± 15°
Wheel lean ± 21.45°
Ground clearance 485 mm
CASE tandem grader axle with automatic No-Spin differential
Oscillating tandem drives with heavy-duty roller chains
Planetary reduction
Oscillation ± 15°
Tandem box dimensions
Height 599 mm
Width 201 mm
Wall thickness 20 mm
Chain pitch 50.8 mm
Tandem wheelbase 1241 mm
Selectable in addition to the hydrodynamic rear-wheel drive.
Hydrostatic front-wheel drive with E.D.C.V. ( Electronic Drive Control Volume ). 
A bi-directional swash plate pump (forward/ reverse) drives wheel-hub mounted motors in each of the front wheels.
Hydraulic No-Spin differential prevents one-sided wheel spin and proportions torque when cornering.
A microprocessor monitors and matches front- and rear-wheel drive forces.
A stepless switch allows the operator to adapt front-wheel thrust to existing job conditions.
Creep mode as standard: front traction only, for ultra low machine speed.
Hydraulic, dual-circuit accumulator pump braking with 4 oil bath disc brakes acting on tandem-wheels. Parking brake: disc brake acting on transmission.
Operated from the adjustable steering and control console.
Front-wheel spindle steering, all hydraulic, volume control.
Steering wheel lock. left/right 40°
Articulated frame with 2 double-flow steering cylinders: Articulation angle ± 28°
Minimum turning radius
across tyres 6600 mm
across front blade 7300 mm
405/70 R20 SPT9 Dunlop
420/75 R20 XMCL TL Michelin
455/70 R20 SPT9 Dunlop
405/70 R24 SPT9 Dunlop
“Load Sensing” for maximising functions controllability.
Control levers for precision metering of adjustment speed.
Pressure compensation in each of the control valve units permits parallel moldboard lifting or simultaneous operation of two other functions, with no disruptive interaction.
A pedal allows the operator to switch to max. output for faster functioning (Full Flow Mode).
Unlockable check valves maintain lift/cutting angles and wheel lean cylinders constant.  
Robust welded box section A-frame.
L-profile cross section 125x120x8 mm
Internal gearing, sealed roller-mounted, backlash-free, self-adjusting Driven by hydraulic motor and moldboard mechanism
Diameter 1150 mm
Action radius 360°
Multiradius wear-resistant, high-grade steel with hardened rounded guides.
Replaceable, split main and side blades.
Width 2440/3050/3355 mm
Blade height/thickness 526/15 mm
Cutting edge height/thickness 152/19 mm
Bolt diameter 16 mm
to the right 491 mm
to the left 708 mm
Reach across tyres w/o articulated steering
right horizontal 1865 mm
left horizontal 1525 mm
Reach across tyres with articulated steering
right horizontal 2490 mm
left horizontal 2150 mm
Max. slope angle
right 117°
left 76°
Max. lift height above ground 394 mm
Max. scraping depth 456 mm
Cutting angle adjustment, hydr 49.5°
“Load Sensing” with variable displacement axial piston pump.
Zero oil delivery under no-function conditions and hence power savings.
Closed system with pressurised tank.
Pressure relief valve.
Hydraulic pump swash plate, variable displacement
Max delivery 94.5 I/min
Max pressure 200 bar
Pressure relief setting 215 bar
Front frame stiff, welded section from high-strength, fine-grain steel
Cross-section 270 x 270 mm
Wall thickness 12 mm
Rear frame torsion resistant frame
Cross-section 220 x 260 mm
Elastically mounted, noise insulated ROPS/FOPS cab with two swinging doors.
Either side access.
Tinted glass.
Rear-frame mounted cab.
Heater/defroster nozzles.
Heated and Air Suspended seat.
Low profile Cab option reducing overall grader height by 180 mm.
ROPS according to EEC sample testing ISO 3471
FOPS according to EEC sample testing ISO 3449
Cab noise level 77 dbA
External noise level 102 dbA
Voltage 24 V
Batteries 2 x 100 Ah
Alternator 90 A
Starter 4 kW
Lube oil 12.5 l
Coolant (Including: cooler and Heater) 32.0 l
Transmission (including converter and cooling) 27.0 l
Axle gear 31.0 l
Tandem 120.0 l
Worm gear 2 l
Hydraulic tank 70.0 l
Hydraulic oil, total 170.0 l
Fuel tank 278.0 l
AdBlue tank 54 l


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