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G-Series Wheel Loaders


  • Bucket Payload 5.5 t
  • Bucket Volume 2.7 m³


The perfect equipment for:
  • Infrastructure
  • Recycling
  • Quarrying
Wheel Loaders - 521G/921G
Wheel Loaders - 521G/921G

360° Exterior



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Seat and controls

  • The seat mounted armrest gives more accurate control and comfort. It features 3rd/4th function proportional control integrated in the joystick.
  • New Joystick Steering: the operator handles two equally sized joysticks, just like on an excavator, which reduces fatigue. It features speed proportional sensitivity and slow/medium/fast settings.
  • The suspended seat includes seat heaters which warm it up in the cold winter mornings.

User interface

  • The premium control interface with 8’’ color display offers intuitive navigation through the machine’s information and settings.
  • The hands free calling kit features an integrated microphone connected to the radio via bluetooth.

Life on board

  • The CASE electrically powered cool box keeps your lunch fresh all day long.
  • Multiple storage areas enable you to store documents, beverages and personal objects conveniently


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With no EGR or particulate filter

The engine was developed and manufactured by our award winning sister company FPT Industrial, which produces over 500,000 engines per year and powers world record winners.

The in-house design leverages advanced technologies developed for commercial vehicles and agriculture, and introduces specific tailored solutions for off-road applications.

The engine, is designed to offer both fuel efficiency and reliability with plenty of power available.

  • The air intake flow is increased by a turbocharger with air-to-air cooling.
  • The multiple injection delivers best-in-class high torque performance at low rpms.
  • No EGR valve is used: 100% fresh air is taken for combustion without DPF and no extra cooling system is needed.

Our engine technology is so reliable that it is trusted by the French Sea Rescue service for their boats: what better guarantee could you wish for?

ProShift transmission

ProShift transmission provides on average 1,5 litre/hour fuel saving and up to 20% faster cycle time. This is the result of three premium features:

1. 5-speed transmission
The 5 speeds allow to always work at lower rev’s compared to 4-speed transmission. Lower rev’s result in lower fuel usage. When the ECO mode is selected not only the engine gives priority to fuel efficiency but also the transmission shifts at lower rev’s in order to increase fuel efficiency and noise emission.

2. Torque Converter Lock-up
Wheel loaders continuously shift gears and every time diesel saving is achieved with:

  • Torque converter lock-up that kills viscous losses from 2nd up to 5th gear
  • Engine de-rating during gear shifts that kills torque peaks in the clutch and contributes to lower fuel usage


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Heavy-duty axles

The heavy-duty axles are tougher, bigger and easier to service thanks to the 3-piece housing design. Wet multiple disc brakes, made of resistant sintered bronze, are located in each wheel hub. Our heavy-duty axles are engineered to support L5 or solid tyres for very abrasive environments. Solid tyres can be factory fitted.

A higher value results from:

  • 20-30% lower tyre wear because of no slippage between the wheels;
  • Reduced fuel consumption because there is no friction in the differential
  • Reduced downtime for maintenance because of fewer moving components with open differentials.

100% auto lock differential

With open differentials, no friction is applied to reduce wheel slip. As a result, there is less tyre wear and lower energy losses. With the 100% Auto-lock, 100% of the available torque is transmitted to the wheels to provide maximum tractive effort.

Case cooling cube

The unique design of the CASE cooling cube, with five radiators mounted to form a cube instead of overlapping, ensures a constant flow of fresh and clean air from the sides and from the top, to maintain constant fluid temperatures. The cube structure provides easy access to radiators for a more effective cleaning and serviceability: additional cleaning can also be easily done manually, with separate access to each radiator.

Designed for dusty environment

The cooling system is mounted behind the cab, far from the rear bumper of the machine and from the ground: away from the dust.


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One-piece electric hood

The positioning of the engine at the rear and the easy-to-open electric hood provide fast access to the service points. Jumper cables are available as standard for jump starting the engine if the battery is low.

Grouped service points

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see any safety handrails around the hood or steps behind the rear wheels, all service points are easily accessible at ground level. You can do a fast visual check of the hydraulic and transmission oil levels. The three drains are grouped together on the left side, so that fluids are easy and quick to replace.

Greater safety

All the main service points are easily accessible from the ground, so you can carry out your daily maintenance safely and efficiently.


FPT engine N67
Cylinders 6
Displacement (l) 6.7
Air intake Turbocharger with air-to-air cooling. No EGR valve is used: Only fresh air is taken for combustion and no extra cooling system is needed.
Injection Common Rail Multiple Injection
After Treatment System HI-eSCR (DOC+SCR)
Emission level Compliant with EU Stage IV and US Tier IV Final
Max. power (kW) 145
Max. power (hp) 195
(@rpm) 1800 (SAE J1349)
Max. torque (N.m) 950
(@rpm) 1300 (SAE J1349)
Proshift 5-speed powershift with lock up Lock-up clutch eliminates torque converter losses from second gear up to fith gear.
Power inch Proportional decluching depending on braking intensity
Forward 1 (km/h) 7
Forward 2 (km/h) 13
Forward 3 (km/h) 19
Forward 4 (km/h) 30
Forward 5 (km/h) 40
Reverse 1 (km/h) 8
Reverse 2 (km/h) 14
Reverse 3 (km/h) 31
4-Speed powershift Intelligent Clutch Cut Off (ICCO)
Forward 1 (km/h) 8
Forward 2 (km/h) 13
Forward 3 (km/h) 25
Forward 4 (km/h) 37
Reverse 1 (km/h) 8
Reverse 2 (km/h) 13
Reverse 3 (km/h) 26
Rear axle total oscillation 24°
Heavy duty ZF axles with open differentials and automatic. 100% lock system on the front differential. 100% tractive effort always, no wheel slip, less tire wear
Standard ZF axles with limited slip differentials front and rear 73% tractive effort on slippery ground
Tyres 20.5R25
Service brake Maintenance free, self-adjusting wet 4-wheel disc brakes
Brake disc area (m²/hub) 0.39
Parking brake With the negative brake all four wheels are automatically stopped when the engine is stopped
Parking disc brake area (cm²) 82
Valves Rexroth Closed-center, Load sensing hydraulic. Main valve with 3 sections
Steering The steering orbitrol hydraulically is actuated with priority valve
Automatic functions Bucket Return-to-dig, Boom Return-to-travel, Boom Auto-lift
Control type Pilot control with single joystick
Type of pump Tandem Variable displacement pump.
(l/min) 206
(@rpm) 2000
Max flow (l/min) 260
Max pressure (bar) 224
Fuel tank (l) 246
AdBlue tank (l) 41.3
Cooling system (l) 28
Engine oil (l) 13
Hydraulic oil tank (l) 91
Total hydraulic system oil (l) 180
Front and Rear Axles (l) 35+35
Transmission oil (l) 34
Protection against falling objects (FOPS) ISO EN3449
Protection against roll over (ROPS) ISO EN13510
In the cab - LpA (dB) 68 (ISO 6396: 2008)
Outside - LwA (dB) 103 (2000/14/EC)
Vibrations Operator ‘s seat meets the criteria of ISO 7096:2000. The vibrations transmitted do not exceed 0.5 m/s²
24V. Batteries 2 x 12V
Alternator (A) 120


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