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CASE launches Tier 4 Final T Series backhoe loaders

CASE launches Tier 4 Final T Series backhoe loaders

  • Published Thu Jan 19, 2017

ASE Construction Equipment upgraded its T Series backhoe loaders, taking the opportunity of Tier 4 Final compliance to introduce improvements and more choice for customers, as well as the new CASE livery.

Simple SCR-only solution delivers performance and savings
The new models achieve the demanding emissions standards with CASE’s unique SCR-only solution, which ensures a powerful performance with outstanding fuel efficiency – and no need for Diesel Particulate Filter or regeneration. The efficiency of the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after-treatment system has been optimised so that Tier 4 Final standards are achieved without a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst.

This reduction in the number of components has enabled CASE to rationalise the engine layout. The after-treatment system has been repositioned externally providing better access to the engine, the electronic module and fuses. The new layout facilitates servicing, resulting in lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

In addition to the new engine layout, the exhaust pipe has been moved to the right-hand pillar, improving visibility.

Choice of new ‘in-line” backhoe geometry extended to the full range
CASE extends to the two bigger models, 590ST and 695ST, the availability of the new backhoe design with in-line cylinder geometry and inner extendahoe introduced on the 580ST in 2016. Now customers can choose from the well-known CASE boom with overlapping cylinders and outer extendahoe and the new in-line design on all three models of the T Series range.

The new in-line geometry is the ideal choice for operators looking for exceptional breakout force and great reach. In addition, the narrower frame of the boom provides better visibility of the working area at the back of the machine. The CASE DNA boom geometry, on the other hand, is the perfect solution for tough working conditions, as the sliding part never touches the soil and the components that do are protected against impact and material accumulation.

Smart-fit teeth for quicker teeth changes and service costs savings
New Smart-fit teeth are now available for the front and backhoe heavy-duty buckets. These teeth contribute to the backhoe loader’s improved performance: they penetrate deeper and stay sharp longer, resulting in more productivity that lasts over time and lower service costs. They are also remarkably quick to change: it is just a matter of minutes and the machine is back at work. The result: more productivity, longer life, lower costs.

New Universal backhoe coupler for greater flexibility
A new Universal backhoe coupler has also been introduced for both CASE DNA and In-line backhoe designs. With the new coupler most of non-original CASE buckets can be fitted on the CASE backhoe with minimal impact on back end length and digging performance. This results in higher flexibility on the jobsite and a lower cost impact for the machine’s owner as they can fit different buckets that they already have on site.


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