C-Series Midi-Excavators

C-Series Midi-Excavators

Operating weight w/ STD bucket

from 7960 to 8668 kg

C-Series Midi-Excavators

CASE midi excavators work efficiently in tight spaces while keeping operating costs and emissions at a minimum. The unique non-DPF Tier 4 Final solution and cutting-edge hydraulic system contribute to an optimised energy management.
The result: less fuel, fewer emissions, lower operating costs and more performance. The short tail and front swing radius design allow infinite 360° turns in less than 3 meters, while the unique offset boom makes it easy to work alongside a wall - ideal for urban and road jobsites! The new cab offers safety and comfort without compromise for long and productive working days.

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    No DPF regeneration with DOC-only solution

    Our midis meet Tier 4 Final regulations without the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This means no need for filter regeneration, no fuel used to burn particulate matter and no need to replace an expensive DPF. Emissions are miminised by cutting fuel consumption with an effi cient common rail engine and an advanced variable control Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system. Then, a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) reduces the pollutants in the exhaust gas through a chemical reaction. The DOC does not need to be replaced; it lasts the whole machine’s lifecycle. This system is highly efficient and very simple.


    High performance hydraulics

    The higher hydraulic oil flow (148 l/min, + 9%) results in a 7% faster machine compared to the previous series. Additional flow allows increased arm breakout force (+ 3%), improving overall digging performance:

    • Bucket digging force: 56.9 kN
    • Arm digging force: 39.5 kN

    The innovative pump transition reduction control is a very accurate system that continuously monitors machine operations and then decreases pump loads whenever possible. As a result, hydraulic power is available on demand and fuel consumption is minimised.


    Redesigned dozer blade

    A longer blade provides increased stability when working on slopes and allows to climb on higher piles. In addition, the blade curve has been redesigned so that mud does not pile on the blade frame.

  • HIGH VISIBILITY - Everything in front of your eyes

    Cab visibility

    The large cab with its huge glazed area provides outstanding visibility all round and on to the bucket or attachment allowing easier and safer operations. The left pillar has been removed and the glazed surfaces on the left side, on the front and on the right side have been dramatically increased.

    Work safely in tight spaces

    The short tail and front swing radius design make C-Series mid size excavators the best solution to work efficiently in confi ned spaces. The compact design minimises disruption in urban and road jobsites, as well as the possibility of hitting something when swinging the upper structure of the machine. The smooth and round shape design of the new cab was studied for maximum reliability and functionality. The CX75C SR can work in a space of less than 3 meters wide!


    The hydraulic system, filters, engine and radiators can easily be reached from ground level, allowing intuitive, safe and fast maintenance operations. The whole layout of the machine has been optimised, prioritising simplicity of maintenance. The results are outstanding: a 40% improvement on the SAE serviceability index!

    Convenient access from the cab

    The A/C internal recirculation fi lter and the fuse box are now easily accessible from inside the cab.