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Since their launch in 1934 our Graders mission was always to fit into your needs. Our Graders were the first which had automatic blade guidance equipped, has - since 40 years - the best in class all wheel drive, a powerful FPT Stage V engine with it´s unbeaten Hi-eSCR technology and are still keeping the time for the daily maintenance operations as short as possible thanks to features like capsuled slewing ring and easy to reach main check points.

Over the decades our Grader won´t be only a good Partner for working, it wants also to follow you wherever you are and for that reason we introduced in 2013 our Low-Profil cab which had made transporting a Grader never easier.

And since 2023 we are giving the choice of how to control your Grader into your hand. As we are now offering additional to our well know directly mounted mechanical controls also the NEW 3-axis Joysticks which are as precise as the mechanical controls but giving now also the possibility to comfortable drive the Grader.
And as it is in our veins to never stop, it is also in our Graders to always be the best. From now on, our Grader will no longer only be your tool for working, it will be your hand on the ground.



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    FPT Stage V

    To maintain the advantages of the unique and unbeaten HI-eSCR technology, FPT Industrial integrated a maintenance free device on its SCR catalyst, thus allowing to comply with tightened limits on PM emissions within a compact package. This allows for a very compact engine compartment, resulting in excellent rear visibility. In addition, the maximum temperature reached during normal operating conditions by HI-eSCR 2 is still on average 200° C below a traditional particulate filter.

    FPT’s Stage V Solution:

    • High Performance
    • Low Operating Costs
    • Ease of Use

    Jerk free shifting

    The automatic shifting function eases the operator concentration and optimizes the machine performances letting the grader engine work on the most productive area of the power curve. The function combined with the torque converter never reaches the power unit stall, making the real difference from competitors in the grader sector. 100% automatic diff. Lock: the automatic «no-Spin» differential instantaneously transfers the torque from the slipping tyre to the wheel with better grip. The system doesn’t require any driver intervention allowing the operator to be focused on the blade movement control.


    Flow at your fingertip

    The new CASE graders have the most precise hydraulic circuit in the market. With highly responsive and precise controls, the load sensing hydraulics make any operation easy and smooth. A directly activated axial piston pump delivers only the required amount of oil where it is needed, avoiding any power waste. The Control valves provide pressure compensation enabling the moldboard to be lifted or lowered in parallel. A dedicated switch installed on the cab floor allows the operator to obtain maximum output from the hydraulic circuit, independently from the engine revolutions, for faster reactions (Full Flow mode).


    Flexible performance

    The CASE “800 series” grader can be equipped from factory completely prepared for the most commonly used blade control solutions. The unit is delivered to the customer with the basic, cables and supports. It’s a real “plug and play” solution: the customer has just to install the specific additional sensors needed for 2D or 3D blade control together with the display in the cabin and the blade control system is ready to work. The SiteControl preparation kit is compatible with different types of blade control systems: Sonic, Laser, GPS or Universal Total Station. The automatic blade control system allows even a less skilled operator to get a higher and more constant output from the CASE Grader, this helps to get the job done faster meaning fewer passes and always the right amount of material moved. Also an experienced operator will benefit from the system and is able to work faster and more independently. Consequently, grader operational costs which involves fuel, machine hours and maintenance are reduced. With a CASE SiteControl preparation each customer can easily switch components from an other construction machine. Allowing components to be used wherever they are needed and have maximum utilization of the investment. The installation of main components in factory provides an easier accessibility and consequently faster maintenance service: this is a guarantee of high manufacturing standard.


    Aligned with performance

    The rear mounted ROPS/FOPS cab offers a highly valuable advantage in comfort and convenience:

    • Operators are aware of the articulation angle at all times
    • The rear located cab improves visibility on the moldboard
    • The cab weight carried on the rear frame emphasizes the machine traction
    • Pneumatic and heated seat offered as a standard strengthens operator well-being at work

    The wide tinted glass mounted on the front and on the side of the cab provides unobstructed all-around visibility. Even when the driver is working seated, he can have full moldboard visibility till its heel angle. The safety too is improved:

    • The new rear view camera guarantees a safer rear visibility and an excellent operator comfort. The driver doesn’t have to turn back anymore when he has to drive the machine backward.
    • Any obstacle can be easily recognized from a quick look at the wide 7” color screen.

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