G-Series Wheel Loaders


G-Series Wheel Loaders

Tipping Load

from 6340 to 20570 kg

G-Series Wheel Loaders

The new evolution loading shovel G-series by CASE Construction Equipment are designed to do the three simple yet most crucial things that are expected from a wheel loader:

  • More productivity
  • More reliability
  • More profitability

Launched in 2017, the CASE G-Series front loaders have earned a reputation in the market for excellent performance in terms of productivity, comfort, fuel consumption and low operating costs. However, it’s in CASE’s DNA to always seek more and that has led to the G-series evolution wheel loaders.

Hear why customers trust CASE

Jean-Michel ARNOIS, France - 921G

Jean-Michel ARNOIS, France - 921G

French customer Jean-Michel Arnois discusses the CASE 921G Evolution wheel loader. The agricultural and public works company owner was particularly impressed with the 921G's loading capacity, its tractive ability and its overall performance. He also noted the comfort and ease of use of the operator's cab, stating: "It is a very good machine."

Explore the Features

  • Productivity isn’t just improved by optimising how much material a machine can handle daily. Productivity can be improved by providing the operator with maximum comfort, ease of use and ability to control all functions of the machine. Every single G-series shovel loader comes with an intuitive touchscreen digital display, with features empowering the operators to fully configure the machine to their driving style. The front loaders also come with three configurable buttons on the armrest to directly access the three most frequently used functions/screens. With the integrated payload system, the G-series wheel loaders smartly log all data relating to the job performed. Job tickets can be opened, performed and closed. This feature expands as far as displaying how much load needs to be discharged to hit the target truckload.

    Reliability was already guaranteed with the best-in-class components like the heavy-duty axles and the most efficient cooling system in the market with its unique “cube” design.
    The new G-series evolution wheeled loading shovel is equipped with an efficient Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). With the extended service intervals thanks to SiteConnect on our loading shovel G-series evolution, you can save 20% on total maintenance costs. With lower cost on repairs, and more uptime, you can drive productivity!

    Let’s look in detail at all the features and advantages of the new evolution loading shovel G-Series.


    Total control at your fingertips

    All the shovel loaders in the G-series come equipped with a touchscreen display thanks to which the operator can adjust the machine to their style of driving. The touchscreen is a responsive and intuitive solution with which all the functions and settings of the front loader can be configured to the liking of the operator, thereby making the most of their shift and increasing productivity.

    New features:

    • Digital Operator’s Manual
    • Electro-hydraulic controls response settings
    • New Power Modes
    • Follow-me Home Lights improvements
    • Easy and intuitive navigation.
    • Touchscreen ‘Tap’ and ‘Scroll’ functions, similar to automotive display technology
    • New Configurable Buttons (Machine Settings)

    Standard on all units.


    Keep your production under full control

    Gone are the days of having to keep up with the numbers. With CASE’s proprietary design, the G-series loading shovel is your ideal companion to achieve daily goals smartly. Accessible by the touchscreen monitor, the integrated payload scale reads and logs every single bucket load in real time. By setting up a job ticket with data such as customer name, your company name and address, truck ID and targeted truckload, you can manage every job report, closing the tickets as you go. The G-series wheel loaders sure help you plan for success!

    Data can be directly transmitted to your desk via telematics through the SiteWatch™ portal

    Say good-bye to long-loading operations with the G-series’ smart system! Once the targeted truckload has been set up, the system indicates through the touchscreen monitor if the last bucket is exceeding the target load, in which case the “tip-off” mode can be activated, helping the operator to partially discharge the contents in the bucket until the target load is achieved, expediting the loading operation with no wasting time in re-adjusting the truckload before leaving the loading facility

    • More Productivity!
    • More Profitability!

    Optional on request.


    Optimize tires wear and extend their life.

    The tires on a loading shovel are crucial to getting the most optimal performance from the machine. With the G-Series’ Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) it is possible to check and optimise tire pressure directly from the display unit on the truck, thereby  reducing wear and extending the tire’s lifecycle. This improves the overall machine reliability and reduces operating costs. 

    More reliability!

    Optional on request.


    CASE SiteWatch™ uses the high-tech CASE SiteConnect module mounted on each machine to collect information from that machine and from GPS satellites. This data is then sent wirelessly through the mobile communication networks to the CASE SiteWatch™ Portal.


    Payload reports NEW!

    • Real time payload reports available. When the operator closes a load cycle using the integrated payload functions on the touchscreen display, the ticket details are immediately recorded in SiteWatch™, ready to be recalled as a report and exported whenever needed.
    • Ease your administration and back-office activities, having payload data always available on SiteWatch™ Portal, improving the overall productivity within your business.

    Optimise your fleet performance

    • Eliminate inefficiencies and low equipment utilisation: SiteWatch™ allows for identifying spare units or underloaded machines on each site.
    • Insights regarding machine usage allow you to take real-time action to reduce fuel consumption and optimise performance.
    • The service reminder allows for maintenance to be easily carried out by the due date since the actual hours worked by your G-series wheel loader are always at your disposal.
    • Extend the benefits of SiteWatch™ to the rest of your fleet: SiteWatch™ can also be installed on units of other brands.

    Challenge your Total Cost of Ownership!

    • The ability to compare the fuel consumption of different machines will allow you to choose the one that is right for your needs.
    • Increased uptime as a result of better planning of maintenance activities.
    • The ability to compare the return on investment at different sites.
    • Thanks to the virtual curfew setting, your equipment is used only during working hours. 

    You can get alerted if the truck is in use on weekends, at night, or outside of the predefined hours set up.

    More safety, lower insurance premium

    • Geo-fencing curfew: an effective deterrent against attacks on your equipmentbecause it is geo-localised.
    • SiteWatch™ is hidden so thieves can’t find it quickly.
    • Your fleet is used only where you decide. You can define a virtual fence and receive an alert email when a machine leaves that perimeter.