Special Applications


Special Applications

Max Reach

from 10.8 to 18.32 m

Special Applications

There are applications that require specific configurations to deal with particular tasks or conditions.
The CASE crawler and wheeled excavator offering includes configurations developed specifically to meet the requirements of Long Reach and Mass Excavation applications.


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    Long reach excavators are designed for applications that require reach capability well above those of normal digging machines . Long Reach excavators are equipped with heavier counterweight, reinforced undercarriage, valves for attachment speed adjustment, robust and dedicated front attachment design.


    Improved D-esign for D-urable perfomances

    • The boom and arm have been redesigned according to the latest stress analysis criteria to reduce stress points.
    • The undercarriage has been redesigned and reshaped to facilitate the welding process, enhancing the reliability of the fabricated structures. The One-Side-Slope lower frame design reduces the time needed to clean the undercarriage.
    • The size of the undercarriage component has been increased, especially in those parts where a high level of protection is required for components.

    High performance hydraulics control

    • The new electrically controlled pumps and a bigger main control valve deliver faster cycle times.
    • Oil flow can be adjusted according to working needs, or increased smoothly while starting travel and boom down.
    • As a result, the machine responsiveness to operation load is multiplied, resulting in cycle times up to 12% faster than the previous generation.

    Working modes easily adapt to every work load

    A MODE for grading, lifting and precision work.
    H MODE the best balance between productivity and fuel economy.
    SP MODE extra speed and power for the most demanding jobs that require maximum productivity. Auto Power Boost automatically increases hydraulic pressure according to the operation’s demands.


    EU Stage IV/TIER4 Final compliant CASE engines on the D series

    • Maintenance-free SCR and DOC-only solution
    • No Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or regeneration are required as no solid particles remain trapped into the system, resulting in maximum uptime and lower operating costs.
    • High engine efficiency of the latest generation, electronically controlled, high pressure common rail with multi-injection engine ensures great performances and low fuel consumption.
    • CASE adds a Variable Geometry Turbocharger to ensure a fast transient response of the engine while minimizing fluid consumption.
    • The system is also very economical in its use of AdBlue, which is just 2.5%- 3% of fuel consumption. The large AdBlue tank only needs to be refilled every 10 fuel refills, so that no time is wasted.

    ROPS cab and FOPS level II

    A safe working environment for the operator:

    • Reinforced structure of the cab compliant with ROPS/FOPS requirements.
    • Standard head protection approved to FOPS Level 2.
    • Wide offering of optional front guards.
    • Optional factory fi tted travel alarm for greater safety on the jobsite around the machine.

Compatible Attachments

Your CASE equipment is the platform - your attachments make the difference in how much work you win and how profitable your machine is.