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Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts

Your machine’s favourite spare parts

CNH Genuine Parts guarantee you and your machine the original quality and performance, maintaining over time the value of your investment. They are designed, manufactured, tested and factory certified to ensure your CASE equipment continues to deliver its best performance day after day.

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“No Limit” guarantee

Our Genuine Parts all go through rigorous quality tests, ensuring that we can vouch for their exceptional quality and durability. What’s more, we guarantee all CNH Genuine Parts for 12 months. Can you think of a better way of certifying their quality and performance?

Delivery within 24 hours

We developed a highly efficient distribution system at CASE, allowing the delivering of the Genuine Parts you need to your doorstep within 24 hours in any country, every day. That means no downtime for you and your equipment. You can get straight back to work without wasting any time.

There is more

The reasons for choosing CASE Genuine Parts don’t stop here: through our Service Network we propose you exclusive sales offers and provide you with specialized advice. We will make sure that you are having the right service at the right time.



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