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CASE Receives Four 2019 Top 100 Awards from Construction Equipment Magazine

CASE Construction Equipment had four new products/product groups—the CASE DV Series small-frame vibratory rollers, N Series backhoes, 2050M dozer landfill configuration and Laser Grading Box attachment—named to Construction Equipment’s 2019 Top 100 New Products list.

Compiled based on editors’ reviews and nominations, the Top 100 awards are designed to recognize the top equipment of the year based on advances in technology, new product lines, significant improvements to existing products and increasing competition in the field.

More about the winning products:

DV Series Small-Frame Vibratory Rollers
Available in both double drum and combination (front drum with rear pneumatic tires) configurations, these compact rollers are easy to transport and are ideal for working in residential and commercial construction applications where the operator may encounter tight quarters, curbs, structures and other obstacles.

Designed with a high curb clearance, no overhangs and a narrow drum width of 37 inches, these compact DV Series rollers are ideal for walkways, residential driveways, bike paths, tennis courts, small parking lots and other small- to mid-size compaction applications. The drums can be offset to further improve accessibility, and to improve performance during turns. Visibility is improved with excellent sight lines and an adjustable work station that allows the operator to get the best vantage point down to the drums.

N Series Backhoes (2019 Enhancements)
2019 CASE N Series backhoe loaders have been updated with several enhancements designed to improve performance and productivity on the jobsite, including new industry-exclusive PowerBoost functionality, a new PowerDrive transmission upgrade with Direct Drive, and a factory-installed thumb that makes backhoe operation even more versatile. New CASE N Series backhoes also feature updates to loader controls, including a new declutch trigger, new roller/rocker switch for better attachment control, and an all-new F-N-R thumb switch for simplified operation.

PowerBoost is a new button on the left-hand backhoe joystick that provides the operator with a momentary boost of increased hydraulic power without decreasing engine RPM (so as not to affect speed/cycle times). This feature is ideal for digging through tough conditions, including hard clay, rock and frost. CASE backhoes still feature PowerLift, which provides added lifting power (comparable with some mid-sized excavators) at lower engine RPM to provide powerful and smooth lifting and craning operations.

2050M Dozer Landfill Configuration
The CASE 2050M is the manufacturer’s most powerful dozer, operating at a rated 214 net horsepower with a drawbar pull of 80,979 pounds. This purpose-built landfill configuration for the 2050M dozer provides enhancements and guarding that make it suitable for work in the harshest of landfill environments.

Key components of the new configuration include; a new wide-track- or low-ground-pressure-track-configured bulldozer semi-u blade with trash rack, optional 6-way PAT blade configuration, new tank guards and debris deflectors, a plate steel chassis seal kit, standard front striker bars, 2-x2-inch steel screen window and door guards, Sy-Klone Series 9000 pre-cleaner, heavy-duty radiator door, super-duty final drive guards and more.

Laser Grading Box
The CASE Laser Grading Box is the first precision-enabled attachment for CASE skid steers and CTLs. Ideal for a variety of fine-grading applications, the CASE Laser Grading Box creates highly precise finish grades to within 1/10th of an inch.

How it works: A rotating laser is set for the desired grade. The rotating beam of laser light is read by the laser receiver(s), which are mounted to the mast poles of the unit. The beam’s location is then sent to the control panel, which interprets where the beam of light is, in relation to grade. The control panel then tells the hydraulic valve to automatically adjust the grading box up or down to keep the receivers on grade. The operator can still manually adjust the blade as needed and, with the flip of a switch, go back into auto-grade control.

With a reversible cutting edge on all sides, the grading box’s unique push-pull design grades moving forward or in reverse to utilize the maneuverability of a skid steer/CTL and increase productivity. The hydraulic valve system adjusts the grading box, providing operators with smooth and accurate performance even in tough environments.

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