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Compaction Equipment

Double Drum Rollers

CASE Double Drum Asphalt Roller Compactors

Easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy on the operator, CASE asphalt roller compactors are built for the daily grind without the daily grief. With dual-drum drive technology, high vibration frequencies up to 67 Hz, impressive maneuverability and standard features you won’t find elsewhere, these road rollers are hard to beat.

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  • Government / Municipalities
    Government / Municipalities
  • Rental
  • Roads & Bridges
    Roads & Bridges
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    Residential Construction
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Asphalt Compactors
Asphalt Compactors
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DV Series Compactor Features


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Water plays a crucial role in preventing surface damage and keeping asphalt rollers clean. That’s why every component of DV road rollers’ spray system is built to be the best.


  • Triple Filtration – Filters at the tank, pump and nozzles help prevent spray-stopping clogs and prolong component life

  • Pressurization – Maintains even water flow to all nozzles regardless of grade

  • Standard Back-Up Pump – Ensures uninterrupted production with primary and back-up pumps

  • Multiple Water Settings – Matches water pressure to the job at hand

  • Dual Fill Ports – Offers convenient access from either side


  • Dual Filtration – Water is filtered at both the fill point and midway through the water cycle, reducing the amount of debris that can make it to the spray nozzle

  • Pressurization – Maintains even water flow to all nozzles regardless of grade

  • High-Capacity, Corrosion-Proof Tank – Runs all day on a single tank

  • Multiple Water Settings – Matches water pressure to the job at hand

Standard Offset Drum Design

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Standard Offset Drum Design

The front drums of our small DV asphalt rollers are positioned about 2" off center from the back drum, allowing for a tighter turning radius, while both drums have a balanced design and a tapered edge to reduce tearing around curves and during transitions.

Automatic Vibration Control

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Automatic Vibration Control


Dual multi-function directional levers on either side of the seat allow for right- or left-handed operation. Automatic vibration control makes it easy to avoid surface damage from starting or stopping the machine. And if manual activation is preferred, it’s just a push of a button. Also, an adjustable speed control lets operators set a max speed so there’s no need to worry about going too fast for the frequency of the drum.

The DV209C and DV210C asphalt roller compactors feature a new intuitive and innovative in-steering wheel front display. This display provides all machine diagnostics for the operator to review. The operator structure is also completely redesigned to continue to offer excellent visibility to both drums while offering a comfortable and ergonomic operating environment.

Serviceability Second-to-None

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Serviceability Second-to-None

When you invest in CASE equipment, you need it to last. We make it simple. CASE DV Series asphalt roller compactors are no exception. From their open-access hoods to grouped, ground-level checkpoints, you can do daily maintenance in a matter of minutes. It’s the easiest way to help you get the most performance and longest life out of your machine.


Experience the difference CASE Double Drum Rollers can make for you and your business. Sign up for a demo with your local dealer today.

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