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Motor Graders

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From a unique multi-radius involuted moldboard design, exclusive front articulation and externally driven circle teeth, CASE motor graders are engineered to deliver productivity others can't match. All-Wheel Drive (AWD) motor grader configurations deliver incredible responsiveness and improved steering in tricky conditions.

A great fit for:
  • Agriculture
  • Non-Residential Construction
    Non-Residential Construction
  • Rental
  • Residential Construction
    Residential Construction
  • Roads & Bridges
    Roads & Bridges
  • Snow Removal
    Snow Removal
  • Waste/Scrap
B Series Brochure
B Series Brochure
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B Series Motor Grader Features

Unique Multi-Radius Involuted Moldboard

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Unique Multi-Radius Involuted Moldboard


A consistent aggregate mix is critical to surface quality and pothole prevention. Made from high-carbon steel, the CASE reinforced, multi-radius, involuted motor grader moldboard design cuts, mixes and rolls material in an effortless wave that results in a finer mix. Its efficiency requires less horsepower too, saving you fuel. Our moldboard can also pitch, tilt and move laterally to match site demands, and can expand up to 16 feet with optional extensions.

Exclusive Front Articulation

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Exclusive Front Articulation

Cul-de-sacs just got a lot easier. With our industry-exclusive front articulation design, CASE motor graders offer a tight 23’ 9” turning radius for quick and accurate machine positioning. With front articulation, the operator maintains the center position while the gooseneck is articulated, allowing for greater visibility to the moldboard, circle, saddle and tires.

Externally Driven Circle Teeth

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Externally Driven Circle Teeth

Unlike others, CASE motor graders are designed with external circle teeth. This self-cleaning, large tooth design provides more contact area to deliver greater leverage when turning the blade under load. Should you hit an obstacle with the blade, the CASE circle pulls away from the drive gear instead of towards it, which can bind it. So there’s no need for slip clutches or shear pins.

All-Wheel Drive With Creep Mode

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All-Wheel Drive With Creep Mode


All-wheel drive (AWD) motor grader models deliver incredible responsiveness, improved steering and greater draft control in tricky underfoot conditions such as mud, sand, snow and banks – crucial for faster snow removal and greater performance in ditching or heavy blading applications.


Activated with the push of a button, “Creep Mode” makes it so that only the front wheels are engaged, allowing the grader to move at extremely slow speeds – around 1 mph – for finish grading and where tolerances are critical.

CASE Stories

CASE Stories

The power to weight ratio and gearing is great - and that translates to more productivity. Head to head, it moves more dirt than our other graders. It just buries our other machines.

Toole County
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