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Genuine Fluids Make the Difference for Your Fleet

From No.1 Engine Oil™ to Hy-Tran® Premium, your hard-working CASE Construction Equipment deserves the best.

How the right lubricants can help you unlock more power and performance

With packed schedules and no room for downtime, it is imperative that your machines are running at their best. Using the right lubricants that are made to perform under rigorous construction site conditions—and designed specifically for your CASE Construction Equipment machine—is imperative to maintaining optimal equipment performance. Ensure you get the most use out of your investment with OEM lubricant options.

No.1 for a reason

You and your crew perform countless hours of work on the job with every piece of equipment in your fleet. That’s a lot of engines in need of regular, proper maintenance to keep them performing at their best. Today’s highly efficient, powerful engines require a high-performance oil that can withstand and protect against hotter temperatures and higher pressures than ever before.

CASE No.1 Engine Oil™ is engineered, tested and has been proven to excel when put to the test in the toughest jobsite conditions, from long hours of run time to challenging terrain and heavy loads. Using Low-SAPS additive technology, it protects Tier 4 engines and offers exceptional oxidation and deposit control. With extended drain intervals, No.1 Engine Oil minimizes downtime to maximize profits, keeping your crew and jobs running right on schedule.

Maintain movement in your machines

Every season, your fleet powers through endless miles of heavy-duty, off-road work in a variety of environments and temperatures. To keep the job moving, it is vital that components like transmissions, axles and hydraulic systems remain highly responsive and free of damaging deposits.

CASE engineers recommend Hy-Tran® Premium to reduce corrosion, sludge and foaming with anti-wear additive technology. With industry-leading protection for all equipment generations, Hy-Tran Premium features 1% water tolerance, heat protection and enhanced oxidation stability. Hy-Tran Premium is suited for all generations of your CASE equipment, so every machine in your fleet can capture the benefits of enhanced performance.

Keeping cool when the weather heats up

Spring is well on its way, bringing with it longer days and warmer weather. With a combination of hotter temperatures outside and the heat generated by your equipment during the intense work on the jobsite, it is important to keep your machines from overheating.

Extended-Life OAT Coolant offered by CASE uses Organic Additive Technology (OAT) to provide superior corrosion and high-temperature protection in severe conditions while staying ahead of today’s strict emissions standards. This unique coolant is designed to provide up to 4,000 hours/4 years of use without the use of a booster or additive. It also shields cooling system metals against damage, including rust, corrosion and deterioration. Extended-Life OAT Coolant allows you to keep just one product for every machine in your fleet. It’s the only product of its kind with the ability to effectively protect all equipment generations.

Trusted by CASE engineers and your dealer

Genuine fluids from CASE are the only fluids proven and trusted by our experts, from engineers to your local dealer. To learn more about the OEM solutions that will best fit your fleet, reach out to your CASE dealer.

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