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Dozer Solutions

iGD2, 2D Dozer System

2D dozer machine control systems allow a machine and its attachments to work in two different dimensions—plane and slope. These systems can be both indicate-only or automatic, and are ideal for any type of basic grading or work where basic plane construction is required. 2D grading systems are designed to regulate elevation and cross-slope with the aid of lasers and reference points set for the worksite.

These systems are easily scalable up to 3D systems as a contractor’s needs grow over time. Many of the sensors and other basic components of these systems are integrated into 3D systems as well, so upgrading to a more advanced system is often easier and less costly when the time comes.

CASE 750M through 2050M dozers are now available with factory-fit machine control, including these 2D systems. The factory-fit solution simplifies acquisition and allows dozer owners to group the precision solution of their choice in with the initial purchase of the machine. It also combines all elements of the investment into a single payment, financing package and interest rate — making ordering and implementation seamless.


CASE dealers provide world-class equipment and aftermarket support, industry-leading warranties and flexible financing.

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