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Even small improvements add up to long-term savings and advantages. CASE SiteWatch telematics empower you with the knowledge to make positive changes in fleet management, in how your crews work, and in the total cost of ownership of your equipment. Whether monitoring one machine or 50 — whether going it alone or with the help of your dealer — SiteWatch gives you insight into your equipment sure to improve your operation.

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Understand Equipment Utilization

Identify true use rates of equipment on jobsites and properly allocate equipment from crew to crew to achieve the greatest profitability/billability of each machine.

Identify Inefficiencies in Production/Operation

Idle time tells a story. A wheel loader or excavator with higher than normal idle times may be indicative of other inefficiencies in the workflow. For instance, would adding another truck to the job keep the machine working at optimal capacity while getting the job done faster? The performance of a single machine can help you dial in upstream and downstream processes.

Improved Billing & Estimating

SiteWatch provides users with an accurate historical view into the time/hours each machine is used on a job, which proactively allows you to bid and estimate jobs more accurately, and retroactively assist in billing.

Streamline Equipment Acquisition/Life Cycle

Make smarter equipment purchasing decisions: Job A needs a mini excavator and the foreman asks you to rent or buy a new machine. Job B has a mini excavator sitting on it that hasn’t been turned on in two weeks, allowing you to reallocate that asset instead of purchasing/renting a new one. Similarly, identify regularly idle equipment and sell it to lower your carrying costs.


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Never Miss a Scheduled Maintenance

Alerts help you know when a scheduled maintenance is imminent, and helps you schedule it proactively at a time that will have the minimum impact on productivity.

Your CASE Dealer as Your Fleet Manager

Share access to SiteWatch with your equipment dealer’s service department to better execute planned maintenance programs and provide added insight/guidance to the health of your equipment.

Prevent Downtime

Alerts can also be set for when something starts running outside of normal parameters, helping you identify possible service needs before they evolve into larger downtime events.

Reduce Idle Time

Equipment that idles burns fuel, puts unnecessary wear and tear on your engine, and needlessly burns through warranty hours. Identify excessive idling and coach crews on ways to minimize it or to leverage auto-shutdown functionality on equipment (when available).

Improved Reporting & Analysis

SiteWatch presents users with data in a way that is intuitive and brings actionable data to the forefront for more intelligent business decision-making and management.

Enhanced Equipment Security

Set geofences. Identify unauthorized/after-hours use of equipment – or simply locate equipment after it has been stolen. Improving equipment security helps reduce liability, minimize replacement costs and gives you greater peace of mind.


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Here are four examples of real change you can make with the information provided by CASE SiteWatch telematics.

Properly size fleet/operation

Your concrete plant can’t keep up, yet your wheel loader is running at its maximum workload 100 percent of the day. This may be the opportunity to implement a larger loader or bucket. Conversely, a loader in the same application with excessive idle time could indicate you’d be better suited with a smaller loader/bucket.

“Extend” warranty by minimizing idle time

Give yourself the gift of time: Identifying and reducing idle time helps you not burn through warranty hours as quickly – ultimately reducing your total cost of ownership in the long run.

Lower your carrying costs

Taking a chronically unused machine and turning it out onto the secondary market can help you invest in equipment you really need or simply put money back into your business. Not to mention reducing liability, insurance, lost value and depreciation, etc.

Keep downtime at a minimum

Your dealer service rep calls and says he notices an issue he’d like to take a look at – can he come by at the end of the day to assess it? He does and identifies a quick fix that, had it gotten worse the next day, may have resulted in a greater maintenance issue and downtime during a busy day – losing production and putting you behind schedule.

Telematics Drive Total Business Improvement

CASE SiteWatch telematics provide extensive opportunities for you to improve the overall operation of your business.


CASE dealers provide world-class equipment and aftermarket support, industry-leading warranties and flexible financing.

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